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Should you include furniture in your Home Sale?

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Real estate transactions can become contentious over things like furniture. Don't let this happen to you! Work with a trusted REALTOR to protect your interests in the sale of your home

Is the home a primary residence?

If youre selling a vacation home or an investment property, it is customary to sell them furnished. Some even [...]

What can I buy in Southern Delaware for $350K or less in 2020?

Even a modest budget can purchase a Delaware property youd be proud to make your home.

There are homes available for sale for $350,000 or less throughout Sussex County, Delaware. You have to be careful, however, since many homes listed in that price range are new construction [...]

How Zillow Sends a Barrage of Unwanted Calls Your Way

Discover what home buyers may not know about using Zillow for their house hunting.

Every time you fill out a form or send in an inquiry on Zillow or or Trulia, you will be barraged by calls and emails from dozens of agents. There are hundreds of sites, more every day, all designed to capture your information and sell it [...]

3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Pro in a Complex Digital World

The Internet is an ideal place to start the homebuying process when you follow these tips.

If youre searching for a home online, youre not alone; lots of people are doing it. The question is Are you using all of your available resources and are you using them wisely? Heres why the Internet is a great place to start the home-buying [...]

Where Did I See That Home for Sale?

The key to successful home for sale internet searches is in understanding how the homes are being advertised on the various websites.

Is this you? Youre searching all over the Internet to make sure you find every home for sale and then you realize

I cant find that perfect house again!

When I ask people how they are conducting [...]

Check out our new Ferry TV Video: Don't Go Uprotected!

Visting Delaware to find your next home? Don't go unprotected!

We are proud to show you our latest video we have done with Ferry TV that will be broadcast for passengers on The Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Hope you enjoy!

Our Active Adults Realty agents are ready to help you find the perfect home for retirement [...]

How Do I Find All Homes For Sale In Delaware?

Try out our newly designed Home Search page to find your dream home for retirement in Delaware.

Hi, this is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware, and today I want to show you just how easy it is to search for your next home and learn all about Delaware in the [...]

What Can You Tell Me About Leased Land Communities?

In this week's Ask The Broker, we clear up the confusion about Leased Land Communities.

Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty in Delaware, tackles questions about how land leases work in Delaware. It is a question we hear often and Kathy clears up the confusion many have about land leases, where you own the home but [...]

Winter Months Are The Best Time Begin Your Home Search in Delaware

January and February are great time of year to visit and start your home search in Delaware


The winter months may be the best time to come out of hibernation and come see what Delaware has to offer. Hotel rooms are inexpensive during the off-season, there is less traffic, and you can join the locals in all the great restaurants.

Here are some things you can enjoy this time of year on your visit to Delaware while also making time to find your new [...]

Welcome To the New Video Series: Ask The Broker

Active Adults Realty Presents: Ask The Broker

As your specialists in relocating to and retiring in Delaware we are pleased to welcome you to our new video series called Ask The Broker.

What is the goal of this new video series? My goal is to share with you questions that we hear all the time from people just like you. We hear questions from [...]

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