More great communities close to the beach

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Last week I posted about some wonderful neighborhoods tailor-made for people who cherish time at the beach and love being able to get there easily with a short drive or a scenic bike ride. Because there are so many communities in this category I focused on a cluster located just [...]


Active Adults Agents Close to Home: Liz Kotyuk at Tidewater Landing

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Last week we featured Audrey Hammond in our Active Adults Agents Close to Home series. She told us what she loves about living in Milford, with its beautiful downtown and rural setting thats an easy drive to the bay and ocean beaches.

This week we talked with Liz Kotyuk, who described the finer points of living at [...]

When You Love the Beach... and All That's Within Reach

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Over the last couple of weeks Ive spotlighted the home and lifestyle options offered up north in New Castle County and around the middle of Delaware in Kent County. One thing that came to mind as I wrote about these two places is the fact that Delaware is a fairly small state. So regardless of where you live, youre rarely more than a [...]

Lewes Post Office is a Tribute to Grand Civic Architecture

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Its no secret that Bill and I are fans of historic architecture since the sign for Active Adults Realty is prominently displayed in the front yard of our 1920s Second Street craftsman home in Lewes. We love the sturdy brick exterior and the quaint interior thats airy and [...]

Celebrate Canalfront Park - Which Almost Didn't Happen!

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Over the last two weeks Ive described singular events that have had a tremendous impact on the appeal of historic Lewes today. 

First was the decision in the early 1980s to turn away the development of a massive coal port that would have moved more than 6 tons of the nasty stuff through town every [...]

Historic Preservation for the Win! Another Reason to be Grateful for Smart Decisions.

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Last week I wrote the first of three posts describing why the charming town of Lewes thats so popular today could have become a very different place. That post, revealing how we almost got stuck with a coal plant at [...]

Enjoy a Walking Tour of Historic Lewes - Part 2

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Last week I described three of my favorite places in historic Lewes: the campus of the Lewes Historical Society, Shipcarpenter Square, and the Ryves Holt House, which is the oldest residential dwelling still standing in Delaware. This week Im continuing the Tour of Attractions in Downtown Historic [...]

Stroll Through Downtown Lewes for Some Amazing Sights Part One

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Last week we wrote about a few things to consider if youre interested in buying a home in the Lewes Historic District. But since the area is a wonderful place to visit regardless of where you live wed like to highlight attractions that everyone seems to enjoy.

Well start with the campus of the Lewes Historical [...]

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