When Active Adults Downsize Their Home

Many Boomers relocating to Delaware are downsizing from much larger homes to something more manageable

Does downsizing and moving to a smaller home feel daunting? Lets chat about some living alternatives for when you feel your current home is no longer meeting your needs and lifestyle. Boomer Buyers looking to settle in Delaware [...]

Can You Pick Out the Condo?

Clearing up the misconceptions about what a condominium really is and whether this type of ownership is the right choice for you.

Can you pick out which one is the condo?


First, lets define what a condominium is and isnt.

Before I became a REALTOR, I assumed a condo was an [...]

What Is the Difference Between a Condo and a Townhouse?

Be wary of what you find on Google and depend on your Active Adults Realty agent to teach you the real definition of a Condo.

Today's Ask the Broker question is, "Whats the difference between a condo and a townhouse?"

This question comes in many different forms but it usually starts with, I am interested in looking at condominiums in [...]

Fallbrooke Condos in Coastal Delaware Virtually Staged

Do empty rooms look larger than furnished rooms?

Actually staging an empty condo or home can be very costly. During the economic crisis of the past several years, I discovered a cost-effective solution to marketing vacant properties Virtual Staging. You may have seen our earlier blog post on Virtual Staging when we listed the [...]

Is condo living in Delaware for you?

What is the difference between condo living and one of the new planned communities with a homeowners association? Until I became a Realtor, I always thought that a condo was an apartment-style home. Well I learned differently. Condo refers to the method of ownership, not the style of home. Not all condos share common [...]