The Best Coastal Delaware Active Adult Communities

Looking for the best Coastal Delaware Active Adult communities?

There is no denying the perks of Active Adult livingfrom amazing amenities to fantastic social clubs and get-togethers. And living in Coastal Delaware is a treat in and of itself! If youre ready to retire to fun, adventure, and good times minutes from the beach, then you just [...]

Independence 2nd QTR Review - 2014 is going strong!

MyIndependence 2nd QTR Review shows, as predicted, the remaining lots in the first half of Independence have been selling quickly. Dust is still flying but the heavy trucks are moving into the next Phase more quickly than predicted.

In my April/May update there were 26 new homes under contract. It now looks like between 43 and 46 new homes [...]

Real estate prices in Coastal Delaware are rising in 2013

Now that the market has recovered, what's happening with prices in Coastal Delaware? As we always say -

"All Real Estate is Local"

so the answer depends on what type of property and community we are talking about. The best way to answer this question is to look at what it is people want to buy and then see what's happening with prices. A [...]

What are homes selling for at Independence?

With new home communities, not all sales are reported through the Multiple Listing Service. I always go back to the tax records to see exactly what recent homes have sold for INCLUDING ALL OPTIONS AND UPGRADES. The new, to-be-built homes that are listed for sale in the MLS are listed at the Base Model Price, and the final price can be [...]

Can I back to trees in a 55+ community in Delaware?

Treed lots in active adult communities are difficult to find in Delaware. Why? Our 55+ communities are all very new. Before there were houses and pools and tennis courts, there were corn fields and winter wheat or fields of soy beans. The only trees were on the periphery of the farm if there were any at [...]

Coastal Delaware Sales up 20% compared to 2009!

I'm a news junkie and CNBC, CNN or NPR is always my background. I get really angry when I hear the talking heads spout the doom and gloom with such certainty. What real estate market are they talking about? Not the local market here in Coastal Delaware. All real estate is local! I am so busy I cannot keep up with all of the new people [...]

Realtors Warmly Welcomed by all builders - Really!

Independence Hall

I was at Independence this afternoon for a pre-construction conference call with one of my clients who still live in Florida. When one of my clients buys a new construction home, I always attend as many of the meetings during the construction process as I can. Especially when they are not able to attend in person, either my husband Bill or I [...]

What a weekend for home sales in Delaware

Home at Independence

The Buyers and their agents were everywhere the weekend of January 19, 2009. Was that the beginning of the recovery?

Despite the rather cold and cloudy weather, there was a full house everywhere we went. At one point that weekend, I was at Nassau Grove, Independence and Bay Crossing. The good news is that all three were busy and there was an [...]

Independence goes Green

On my last visit with clients to Independence, the upscale active adult community in Millsboro, we heard about the new Green model. Although I haven't seen all the details, it seems that their new model home will feature a host of green energy options that are available to buyers at Independence. Geo-thermal HVAC system is one feature that I [...]