What Is The Best Time To Buy My Retirement Home?

Deciding what is the right timing to buy your home for retirement has its challenges

Finding the right timing to buy your home for retirement has its challenges. Delaware real estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty discusses the options for timing your retirement home purchase and the issues some home buyers face when [...]

Do People Relocate When They Retire?

When People relocate at retirement, it can have an economic impact on states they migrate into and out of.

Where are retirees moving? Many people are making Delaware their choice! Relocating at retirement is a common choice that people make as many people decide to not just retire and stay put. And when they relocate, they take their [...]

Rightsizing is not Wrongsizing

The word downsizing is often associated with loss and/or lack. In modern times, loss often refers to jobs and downsizing is bad news. Whether youre a Boomer ready to retire or an empty-nester toying with your new options, take the time to define and pursue the life you want to have now, with all the bells and whistles and none of the [...]

November's Featured Boomers:

Meet Bob and Jayne Holmes

Locals Now! recently interviewed Bob and Jayne Holmes who moved to Lewes in May 2012 for our Featured Boomer column. The Holmes relocated from Cape Neddick, Maine after Bob retired. We lived near York in Maine. Its near the coast same as here, were seven miles from the beach. Bob met Jayne in Maine and they married [...]

Relocation Research Overload Home Search in Coastal Delaware

This morning clients showed up for our meeting with an armful of information. They knew each and every community in Delaware, every model and every floorplan, square feet and all. As we talked however, it became clear that it was all a jumble and they were suffering [...]