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Relocation Research Overload Home Search in Coastal Delaware

This morning clients showed up for our meeting with an armful of information. They knew each and every community in Delaware, every model and every floorplan, square feet and all. As we talked however, it became clear that it was all a jumble and they were suffering from

Relocation Research Overload!

The Internet is great for research and I am online all the time. But at some point you need to put the mouse down and let us show you what we have to offer. If you tell us that your budget is $300,000 350,000 and a basement is on your must have list, that is what we will show you. But if you tell me that you also want to see 10 other communities that are not in that price range and where you cannot have a basement, even as an option, I begin to question what were doing.

Research is great and giving you a Circle Tour of the area is something we love to do. But if its time to get serious and find out where you want to live when you relocate to Delaware, we need to focus. You cant make a decision from a laundry list of communities. No two are exactly alike and there is nothing standard about whats included and what is not. So close your spreadsheet and your browser and leave the driving to us.

Let us show you Delaware.

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