Buying a new home vs. buying a car

When you decide its time to buy a new car, do you hop in your car and drive to visit a dozen or more car dealers? Do you register with each one, giving them your name, address, cell phone and email address? You do realize they are sales people that work for the dealer, right? If you did give them all of your contact information, how many [...]

Can You Handle The Truth or Should We Tell You What You Want To Hear?

Deciphering Builder Speak: Can we talk?

Homes starting in the Low $300s!

Luxury townhomes in the high $200s!

Does that mean you can buy a new home in that community between $300,000 and $325,000? Probably not.

Can you handle the truth?

If I tell you that you will end up spending 30% or more above the base model price of that new home, will you believe [...]

Considering the future of towns for aging residents

Take a walk through the town of Milton or Ellendale, Georgetown or Millsboro, and ask yourself what will this town be like in 10 years? Take a look at the people, the houses and the businesses, then put on your City Planner hat and think about how you would create a downtown where people will want to live, work and socialize ten or twenty [...]

To Build or Not To Build

That is the question for some of our clients. Because we specialize in "Boomers and Beyond" who are looking to retire to the beaches of Sussex County Delaware, Bill and I find that Baby Boomers like us are many and varied. Some like in town living. Some want Active Adult Communities and others want to be out in the country on a few [...]

Send me the floor plans for Heritage Shores

We get requests like that all the time from people that have never even been to Coastal Delaware. I often wonder what difference it makes if you like or don't like a particular floor plan unless you already know you like the area and the community. You can look at pictures of houses, study the floor plans til you find the perfect one, but [...]

Thinking new construction? Don't be dazzled by decorating...

Whats better than a new car, new clothes or new shoes? A shiny, brand spanking new house! Not just any new house, but a new house in a brand new community with all kinds of awesome amenities and special features! But beware: Its easy to be so dazzled by the decorating that the important questions never get [...]

Are Boomers prepared for the next move?

As you plan for retirement or semi-retirement, whats your next move? Will it be within the same town or will you move to another state or country? Will your home be in town or in a community? Will you live in a house or in a condo? There are so many [...]

What Builders Want in Delaware!

Its very simple; builders want to sell you a home. In a new home community, with fashionably decorated models, they hope to entice you to buy on your first visit. They dont want you to go anywhere else or look at any other homes or communities. The Sales Center staff work for the builder, not for you. They are sales people who are only [...]