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What Builders Want in Delaware!

Model Home

Its very simple; builders want to sell you a home. In a new home community, with fashionably decorated models, they hope to entice you to buy on your first visit. They dont want you to go anywhere else or look at any other homes or communities. The Sales Center staff work for the builder, not for you. They are sales people who are only compensated if you buy a home in their community. If you see comparable communities, you might like another community better and not come back.

If you look at new home communities on a daily basis like I do, you realize that theyre all nice. Who doesnt like to look at pretty model homes in brand new beautifully manicured communities? Does that mean you have to go see every single one before you make a purchase decision? No, but you need to see more than just one before you can know what will really work for you. You might also want to consider a resale.

Find yourself a good Buyers Agent, tell him or her what youre looking for and what you enjoy. With that information, your Agent can show you all of the communities and homes within your price range that offer the type of lifestyle you want. That way, you are more likely to find a home and a community that youll be happy living in for many years to come.