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How Do I Find All Homes For Sale In Delaware?

Try out our newly designed Home Search page to find your dream home for retirement in Delaware.

Hi, this is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware, and today I want to show you just how easy it is to search for your next home and learn all about Delaware in the process.

So here we are on the home page,, which is Active Adults Realty's website. On this website, you can find any home for sale, anywhere in Delaware. We are fed daily, multiple times per day as a matter of fact, by the multiple listing service. And whether it's a home, or a lot, or any type of property for sale, anywhere in the state, you can find it right here.

So right on the home page you can begin your search by simply putting in your minimum and maximum prices and clicking search. It's that easy. Or, you can scroll down on the homepage and choose your lifestyle. This is the preferred method for many people, you can start by looking at 55 plus communities, all ages communities, perhaps you just want to look at new construction, all of these are possible ways to begin your search.

But wait, we've made it even easier. From this search button on the main menu, if you click that it will take you to our brand new search landing page. You can search in the way that's most important to you. That could be location, it could be budget, or it could be a home that fits your lifestyle. You can decide to search homes by area, by neighborhood, or perhaps you can use the search here to look at condos within particular price ranges, or single family homes within particular price ranges, or down at the bottom we have today's trending searches, where you can begin by taking a look at all homes in 55 plus communities anywhere in the State of Delaware, browse all ages communities, new construction homes, again many different choices.

Once you're on this page you can see on the map that there are 55 plus homes available all over the State of Delaware. If you decide you'd like to save this search so that you can come back to it and continue to work with it or refine it, all you have to do is click the heart above save search. When you see that it's turned dark blue you know that that search is saved. If you see a single family home or any other type of property that you'd like to save for future reference, just simply click the heart icon on that property. When you go to your account, you will be able to see those saved searches, you will be able to see those saved properties. You know, you're not going to have to wonder, "What website was I on when I saw that absolutely perfect home?" Everything can be done right here.

If you go back to the homepage, which you can do at any time by just clicking in the upper left-hand corner on Active Adults Realty, you'll find that there are many other ways that you can search. We have communities, which will bring you to all type of communities, anywhere in the state. We have the ability to simply select all ages communities, and get an overview of those communities. If you choose to go into more detail on any one of the communities you will be able to see little information here about whether or not it's a 55 plus community, in this case Breakwater is not, where it's located, what the general price range is, whether you have new construction and resale homes, or just in this case resale homes. Scrolling down, a little bit more about the neighborhood, and again you have the ability to view all homes for sale in that community, and again save a home to your Property Organizer.

So at any time you can go back to those searches, you can revise the searches by modifying the search. Let's go to this search, which we had set up previously. Perhaps I only want to look at properties in Sussex County, which is Southern Delaware. I can make that change, and I can save that search. So now I've revised that search, and I'm zeroing in on communities just in Southern Delaware, or what we call Coastal Delaware.

Now, the first time you want to save a property or a search, if you click on Save Search it's going to prompt you to create an account. All you need to do is enter your first and last name, and your email address, that's all the information required, and once you have signed up, next time you return you'll either already be logged in, or you simply have to enter your email account when it asks you if you're an existing user.

So very easy to use, not a lot of information required. And as I said, while you're on the website, you can learn a lot about relocating to Delaware, if you live in another state. You can learn tips for buying and selling a home anywhere in Delaware. You can visit our blog, and read some of the articles we've published, and some of the videos that we do on a regular basis. And you can learn more about us, and the different agents on our team. You know, we're all Active Adults also, and many of us began our move to Delaware just like you. We started online. The website was designed with you in mind, but we are all here to help when it's time to come look in person. Thank you, and hope this was helpful.

Ready to get your home search started? Go ahead and find your home here on our new home search page, and be sure to request a copy of our comprehensive Delaware Home Buyers Guide.

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