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Where Did I See That Home for Sale?

The key to successful home for sale internet searches is in understanding how the homes are being advertised on the various websites.

Is this you? Youre searching all over the Internet to make sure you find every home for sale and then you realize

I cant find that perfect house again!

When I ask people how they are conducting their search, many just answer the Internet. But which site are you using and how are you organizing your search as you begin? Do you know which website youre on and how it operates?

Lets talk about the process

How does a home for sale end up on any website? The Listing Agent gathers all the data by working with the Seller to determine pricing and other terms of the sale. The Listing Agent arranges for home staging and photographsthe details necessary to get the property ready to list and sell. All this data is entered in the Agents Multiple Listing Service so every other agent with a potential buyer client can see the home is for sale.


Next, this data is syndicated to many other real estate focused websites across the Internet. When someone tells me they saw a home listed for sale on Zillow, but I tell them that the home is not for sale, they get confused. Although the data originates from the MLS, other sites have their own rules about what is shown to the public and what happens when the property is under contract or withdrawn.

Why would a site like Zillow want you to contact them about a home which is not for sale?

Zillow and others are advertising sites designed to get your contact information which is then sold to a group of agents. I have had some people tell me they no longer answer their phones because they were so barraged by calls because of their Internet searching.

If a home is for sale, anywhere in Delaware, you can find it on

Thats because our website is fed daily, direct from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Our rules follow those of the MLS and the local Board of Realtors, so you will always know the correct status. If it says For Sale, you can trust it is.

Our website not only shows homes listed by Active Adults Realty but includes all homes for sale which can be found using our many different search toolsall accessible via our Search Landing Page. You can search by Area, by Neighborhood, by Price Range and Location, or use our recommended Todays Trending Searches.

Cant find what youre looking for? Just give us a call or Ask us a Question.

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