Buying New Construction

Save Money and Hassles by Working with a REALTOR®

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For many reasons, worries about the cost of living are top-of-mind for so many people. Even more so, perhaps, if youre thinking about buying a home. 

Last week we focused on several advantages of doing so in Delaware, including our comparatively low taxes and laws that may enable you to keep more of your Social Security [...]

Buying New Construction in 2021

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Today, if you want to buy new construction, you need a REALTOR even more 

If you build it, they will come. The builders did, and people came, but the builders are having trouble keeping up with demand. What does that mean for you as a buyer, especially one from out of the [...]

Buying a new home in Delaware takes planning

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If you want to buy a new home and move in 12 months, what do you need to do now? 

Delaware saw record realty transfer taxes in 2020, with Sussex County commercial and home sales leading the way in comparison to New Castle and Kent Counties. As a result of the [...]

Shrinkflation: Smaller Home Lots & Higher Home Prices

Discover what you need to understand about smaller home lots and higher home prices when you visit home communities with your real estate agent.

While touring new home communities, I noticed that lot sizes are shrinking but the prices are still going up. You may be reading the headlines about the rising price of materials or the low [...]

What You Need to Know About Buying New Construction Homes

There are so many reasons why new construction homes are the right choice for Boomers.  

When you look forward to your next home in Delaware dont neglect considering a new construction home. Since 2010, Active Adults Realty has helped 665 clients buy a new construction home! On average, those buyers represented between 45% and 60% of the buyers we worked with; the rest purchased an existing [...]

The Real Truth About Delaware Closing Costs When Home Buying

Wow, closing costs are high in Delaware until you understand the comparisons.

Are the closing costs in Delaware truly higher? Are they comparing apples to apples?

Lets define closing costs but also talk about other costs and fees incurred when you buy a new home.

Wow, closing costs are high in Delaware, one of our clients recently [...]

What Can You Get for $500k In Coastal Delaware?

That sign saying, "Starting in the Low $400's" can actually mean you will end up with a home at a much higher sales price.

Curious what kind of home $500k can get you in Coastal Delaware? Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty in Delaware explains how base pricing works in new home communities and what kind of homes are available in the [...]

Why Do I Need a REALTOR When I Buy a New Construction Home?

You should always have someone looking out for YOUR best interests when buying a new construction home, not just the builders.

If you want to buy a new construction home, wouldn't you want someone on YOUR side representing your best interest? Delaware Real Estate Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty explains the importance of [...]

Exciting Developments in New Construction Communities Coming To Delaware

Many Delaware new construction communities are popping up in 2018 and Active Adults Realty is your source to find out more!

How will you choose? If new construction is your dream, whats the best way to pick the right one for you? There are a whole host of new communities springing up all over Delaware, but particularly in the southern part [...]

Can I Buy a New Construction Home and Move In By The Summer?

Ways you can you move into a new construction home before the summer.

Delaware REALTOR, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty explains the options you have to buy new construction without having to wait too long to move in.

If you want to buy a new construction home in Delaware, the wait-times to move in can be 1-2 years we hear. A way [...]

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