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Can I Buy a New Construction Home and Move In By The Summer?

Ways you can you move into a new construction home before the summer.

Delaware REALTOR, Kathy Sperl-Bell of Active Adults Realty explains the options you have to buy new construction without having to wait too long to move in.

If you want to buy a new construction home in Delaware, the wait-times to move in can be 1-2 years we hear. A way around that is getting into the communities at just the right time, or knowing when quick delivery homes come available. Keep up with the Active Adults Realty team, and we will keep you in the know!

Can I buy a new home but be in before summer? New construction is booming all over Delaware but I'm hearing some of the delivery times are as much as one to two years. So what are some good alternatives? Well, the team here at Active Adults Realty is staying on top of things, and these homes do go fast when these opportunities become available. The list could change by tomorrow morning. But here are some ways that we're going to help you find new construction and an opportunity to get moved in before summer.

Number one, builders of townhomes or twin homes often start to build when they've sold the first one or two. And that gives you an opportunity to sneak in and buy construction that's already begun and perhaps nearing completion. So we have some good examples of those opportunities at communities like Coastal Club or The Peninsula, and these are being built by Schell Brothers, a builder that typically does not even start to build until everything's been signed and sold.

Number two, we have other builders like K. Hovnanian that always tries to have two or three homes under construction at all times in their communities. They tend to know what their buyers are looking for, and that allows them to always have something going on. We've heard there are a couple perhaps at Ocean View Beach Club down in the Bethany area, and right here in Lewes at The Villages at Red Mill Pond.

Number three, one of our growing local builders, Capstone Homes, has recently alerted us to some quick delivery opportunities in communities in Fenwick, in Milton, and in Lewes, and they're priced from the low threes to the low fours.

Number four, Beazer Homes told us about some new homes ready now in great communities, two of them down in the Bethany and Fenwick area.

Number five, new to Delaware this year, D. R. Horton, known as America's largest home builder. They've come to Delaware in a big way, and they're building in northern, central, and in southern Delaware. And their concept is what they call quick move in. So their homes, when you see them, are complete or near completion, and ready to buy now.

The other good thing about that approach is what you see is what you get. But also the price you see is the price that you will pay. And that's one of the other advantages of quick delivery homes. Our agents know the difference and they know how to help you make sure that you get the true price range for that builder and for that community.

And then there are some best times to buy new construction. And we like to say that can be at the very beginning of a community when the builder wants to get a few homes sold quickly. So being the first in. But also being the last in, when the builder's ready to be done and move on to the next community. And sometimes if they have a quick delivery home available and it's the end of a quarter or the end of a fiscal year, that's a good time to be there.

So there are always incentives. The team here at Active Adults Realty, we're going to make sure that you know about what is available and we can help you get into the new home that you want, hopefully in time for the summer season. So give us a call, and let's schedule a consult. It's already April, and things are changing and moving quickly, so don't delay!

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