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Save Money and Hassles by Working with a REALTOR®

For many reasons, worries about the cost of living are top-of-mind for so many people. Even more so, perhaps, if youre thinking about buying a home. 

Last week we focused on several advantages of doing so in Delaware, including our comparatively low taxes and laws that may enable you to keep more of your Social Security benefits. This week Im focusing on a crucial step that can ensure you pay the lowest price and have the most stress-free time when negotiating that price. This is all-the-more important if youre buying a new home in one of the many new communities spotlighted on our web site.

Im talking about working with a REALTOR. Your REALTOR and advocate. Someone who can help you find the right house or condo, learn about important factors in its pricing, and be your champion during negotiations and construction so you dont pay too much and are able to move in to a home where youll be truly happy.

If youve just browsed some of those communities on our site, or driven past the entrance complete with banners and billboards of an especially appealing community under construction, you might be wondering: why dont I just step into the sales office and negotiate a price on my own so that neither I nor the builder have to pay a real estate commission?

The simple answer is that you have little to gain by doing so, and several good reasons to keep driving, contact us, and go check out the property with an advocate at your side.

Reason One:  Youll get our help for virtually no additional cost.

Thats right. You wont need your checkbook when you arrange for us to be your agent because we dont charge a fee. We are paid by the builders, who anticipate the cost of agents and factor it into the prices of their new homes. Equally important builders do NOT discount the price of their homes if you dont have an agent.

Reason Two: We love our local builders, and the feeling is mutual.

One of the benefits to the significant number of communities being built throughout Delaware is that builders are operating on deep knowledge of what buyers want. Thats why so many new communities enable you to avoid traffic and experience more of a resort lifestyle by locating pools, tennis and pickleball courts, club houses, walking trails and other amenities in their new neighborhoods.

Weve gotten to know so many representatives of the companies such as D.R. Horton, K. Hovnanian, Benchmark and Blenheim that are building these fine homes and communities. As a result we have ongoing conversations about factors impacting pricing. We know when the builders fiscal years end. We usually know in advance when builders are going to post significant incentives for buyers. We also know things on an individual scale for example, a builder scrambling because a contract fell through at the last minute, making it more likely theyll offer a great deal on that house right now.

In fact, many of our builder friends count on us to bring in clients who are going to like what they have to offer simply because we have such deep knowledge of what theyre building and planning and because weve spent so much time to learn exactly what our clients want.

Reason Three: We deal with the hassles, so its smooth-sailing for you.

You trust your local mechanics to fix your cars because theyve had years of specific training. Ditto with your insurance agent, who understands all of the complexities involved in keeping premiums affordable while minimizing your risk. And although you pay attention to the stock market and bonds and yields, you probably count on a highly skilled financial services professional to manage your 401K.

The same principles are applicable to working with a REALTOR for whats probably your most significant investment your home. In addition to our intricate knowledge of the factors that go into pricing for all of the communities spotlighted on our site, we are experts in the Delaware-specific factors that impact pricing and availability. Whether youre looking for insights on the states transfer tax, the intricacies of closing costs and Homeowner Association HOA) fees, or simple explanations of builder sales contracts, your life will be a lot simpler if you count on us.

Reason Four: Well stay on top of construction progress even if you cant.

A lot of our friends and clients are moving to Delaware from other places, and many are buying homes that have yet to be built while finishing up their careers or taking time to transition from their current homes. The last thing they need after being away from Delaware for a couple of weeks is to visit their new home while its under construction and be surprised by the white kitchen appliances that were supposed to be stainless steel or the sunny-day yellow paint trim that was supposed to be midnight blue. 

Thats why they count on us from the first visit to their new home community to the moment they step through the doors of their newly completed residence. With frequent visits to their home sites, phone calls and emails and photos and videos, we stay on top of whats happening and keep our clients up to date at every stage.