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Buying New Construction in 2021

Today, if you want to buy new construction, you need a REALTOR even more 

If you build it, they will come. The builders did, and people came, but the builders are having trouble keeping up with demand. What does that mean for you as a buyer, especially one from out of the area? 

We know all the builders and all the communities 

You want to move within a specific timeframe and prefer to have a new home. As we discussed in Buying a new home in Delaware takes planning, and earlier in the article and video Why do I need a REALTOR when I buy new construction, there are many moving pieces. Now, lets add the current situation of increased demand, low inventory, and supply chain disruption to create this challenge.  

Whats the best way to locate a quality home, built by a reputable builder, in a location that will work for you, at the right price, and just when you want to move? Does that sound easy? With the right REALTOR who has their ears to the ground, you can conduct your search more efficiently and productively. 

Supply Chain issues 

Lumber is in short supply, and so are critical items like windows and doors. One builder is limiting sales in their communities, allowing only two sales a month in one neighborhood, five sales per month in another to allocate materials fairly. 

Another builder that typically builds quick delivery homes has delayed accepting new contracts until the house is at what they call Stage Four; that means once they finished framing and accurately project a settlement date. 

Theres never just one solution 

Were fortunate in Delaware to have many options for you to consider. On the Internet, youre likely to find the builders with the most significant advertising budgets. We can show you those builders communities, but also others that are comparable. Well help you compare and contrast the features, benefits, location, and budget to find the best home in the right neighborhood for you. 

Let us help

Its not too early to begin the process, so lets get started.  Contact us today and we can help you navigate buying a new construction home!

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