Relocating To Delaware

Meet James and Pat Allen, Our Featured Boomers

Meet our featured boomers this month James and Pat Allen.

Born on the 1st of January!

I interviewed the Allens, our Featured Boomers, in January just a few days after James birthday on January 1st. Then I learned the rest of the story that James was not only born on the 1st, but he was also the first born, of the first born, of the first born! And with the last name Allen, he was always [...]

Meet This Month's Featured Boomers - From Connecticut to Delaware

This month's Featured Boomers include a group of friends who came to settle in Delaware from Connecticut.

Meet Barb & Greg Sullivan our Featured Boomers

The Sullivans are the epitome of Active Adults

In only two months, the Sullivans have become true locals in their new home in Milton, Delaware. They love the small town feeling in Milton. From their home in Cannery Village, they can walk to everything in town. The Dogfish Brewery is right in their neighborhood and so is the weekly Milton Farmers Market, every Friday [...]

I'm Moved to Delaware, Now What? How to Become a Delawarean

What you need to know about becoming a resident in the state of Delaware and establishing your residency.

Im moving to Delaware, now what?

Recently I received an email from my client, Ron, saying, We are officially retired end of business on March 1st and moving full-time into our Delaware home. (It sounds like he has been counting [...]

Meet Jim & Judy Marshall - Our Featured Boomers

Enjoying Life in Ocean View Meet Featured Boomers Jim & Judy

Whats it like to retire and move from your home of more than 35 years in a place where you had spent most of your adult life? Its an adjustment but for Jim and Judy, it was also an opportunity to live close to the [...]

Should I Sell My Home Before I Retire?

Considering selling your home before retirement? It is best to plan ahead.

As a REALTOR at Active Adults Realty, we deal with many clients who are getting ready to retire. When the time comes, do you know what your next step is going to be? If you are planning to relocate when you retire, [...]

News Journal Interviews Clients of Active Adults Realty

The News Journal Kent County Reporter, Jerry Smith, contacted me while he was researching the growth in the population of both retirees and soon to be retired people in Kent County. We could verify a lot of his research and we suggested he talk with Jack and Virginia Cotterman. They selected Dover to be on the East Coast, closer to their [...]

Delaware Ranks #10 for Net Migration of those 60+

Retirement Relocation: Where are Boomers heading for retirement?

Do you subscribe to Where to Retire Magazine? I find their articles, backed by thorough research, to be some of the best out there. AARP also publishes some great data, but I find that Where to Retire has a good grasp on what younger retirees are looking for and thinking [...]

What do buyers really buy despite what they tell us initially?

A client relocating to Delawaresaid "I want a 3 bed, 2 bath home for $250,000", but actually bought...

We have assisted many clients relocating to Delaware who think they want one thing but end up with something completely different. Its not that we dont listen to you when you tell us what youre looking for or what you must have. But, to be [...]

Moving from Area Code 732 to 302 When You Retire

Are you thinking about retiring to Delaware?

Another call from area code 732! On a daily basis, we notice certain trends and this is one of them. When we see another call coming in from area code 732, we already know so much about them. We know, for example, that -

  • The Caller lives in Central Jersey or the northern counties on the Jersey
  • [...]
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