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Meet This Month's Featured Boomers - From Connecticut to Delaware

This month's Featured Boomers include a group of friends who came to settle in Delaware from Connecticut.

So many of our clients have relocated to Delaware from Connecticut, and we were fortunate to have this group of friends share their journeys with us. To learn more about where they came from, I first went to Wikipedia and researched Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Fairfield County is an affluent county in the southwestern corner of Connecticut. As of the 2010 census, the county's population was 916,829, estimated to have increased by 3.6% to 949,921 in 2017. Wikipedia.

Fairfield Countys population is about the same as the entire state of Delaware! So how did the transition to Lower Slower Delaware happen and what is their life like now?

Meet Linda and Peter Polo

Linda and Peter Polo were the first to investigate Delaware back in August of 2015. Peter was the one who first realized that leaving Danbury, Connecticut when they retired was the right move for them. He began working on Linda but she was hesitant to leave their 4 children. Years ago, Lindas parents had moved to Wilmington, Delaware, however, so they were familiar with the area. They ruled out Florida and any location that required a plane ride to get back to Connecticut. When one daughter relocated to Charlotte, they hesitated, but quickly realized that Delaware put them in the middle. They do travel often to Charlotte for a visit or meet up in Connecticut where the other 3 children still live.

Pre-retirement, Peter was a Consultant for Deloitte and Touche while Linda worked as an Administrative Assistant for Danbury Public Schools. When they were actually retired and ready to find a home in Southern Delaware, I had them work with Donna Beck, one of our agents in the Lewes area. They found a great community, moved to Milton, DE in March 2017, and love retirement near the Delaware beaches. Both Peter and Linda enjoy walking and casual biking on our many trails, at the beach, and in the parks. Reading and fishing for Peter; Linda also enjoys mahjong. Travel is a big part of their Bucket List and they just took their first Viking River Cruise on the Danube before Christmas.

What was the biggest surprise about their new life in Delaware? The acceptance and welcoming attitude of everyone theyve met. Peter said it was eye-opening!

Meet Barbara and Ron Jasinski

Barbara and Ron were thinking along the same lines as Linda and Peter and they got to talking. I asked Peter how they knew the Jasinskis and he told me the story I met Ron 45 years ago at General Foods in White Plains, NY. It was my 1st job out of the Navy, we got along, and always stayed in touch. Prior to retiring, Barbara had spent her career as a Corporate Marketing Executive and Ron as a Financial Executive. Barbara then became a REALTOR in Fairfield County, CT, for 15 years and Ron later joined her. They had lived all their lives in Connecticut and never dreamed of moving. But then, they started planning for retirement and realized that leaving made financial sense.

They did their research, in addition to talking with the Polos, explored the Carolinas and even Georgia, but soon found that Delaware was a better fit. As REALTORS, they knew that location, location, location is what matters most, and Delaware is closer to both friends and family. Coming from one of the highest tax states in the U.S., Delawares favorable taxes and the Delaware beaches sealed the deal. (Delaware ranks as one of most Tax-Friendly States). With the encouragement of the Polos, they contacted Donna Beck to help them with their search. In Connecticut, they lived on a lake, so a home with water views and water access was important to them. Donna helped them find the perfect community where they could build a new home.

The Jasinskis have a long Bucket List that includes traveling to the National Parks and visiting friends along the way, spending time in California Wine Country, and cruising the Hawaiian Islands.
Barbara particularly enjoys the social life living in a community. They have become friends with their neighbors, all of whom are active. Together, they take advantage of all the local activities from independent films and theatre to biking and kayaking!

Meet Joanne & John Karlson

Last but not least, Joanne & John Karlson were also thinking about what they wanted to do. Actually, John Karlson and Barbara Jasinski were partners in real estate for 15 years in Connecticut, but theres more to this story. Joanne Karlson was the Administrative Assistant to Barbaras first boss at Cheeseborough Ponds! As they each moved on to other companies, moved to different towns and raised their families, they lost touch. But when Barbara became a REALTOR and attended her first Sales Meeting, she met John and saw Joannes picture on his desk. Wait a minute, I know her! They have stayed close ever since.

Barbara took the lead and worked with Donna to find the perfect retirement home for the Karlsons. Good thing they had already sold their Connecticut home because Barbara and Donna found one and they had to act quickly. While John had retired, Joanne is still employed as a Lead Analyst with Deloitte, but she works remotely so the move was no problem.

All three couples went out of their way to tell me how wonderful both Donna and John Beck were to work with. In fact, they have been permanently added to the New Years's Eve Party list!

Where else did Joanne and John consider? Their sons family lives in Houston, so they did take a look, in the middle of summer, and learned what heat and humiity can be like month after month. Although milder than Connecticut, they were attracted to the four seasons in Delaware so close to nice beaches, state parks, great dining and shopping, and a slower pace of life.

Joanne most appreciates the change of pace and that people actually go out of their way to help you in the stores, in their neighborhood

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