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Moving from Area Code 732 to 302 When You Retire

Are you thinking about retiring to Delaware?

Another call from area code 732! On a daily basis, we notice certain trends and this is one of them. When we see another call coming in from area code 732, we already know so much about them. We know, for example, that -

  • The Caller lives in Central Jersey or the northern counties on the Jersey Shore
  • The Caller is most likely a Native of New Jersey or perhaps moved to Jersey from New York
  • The Caller may never have been to Delaware and, until recently, never thought about moving from New Jersey to Delaware

We talk about the challenge of moving at this point in life and there are really just two motivations that cause people to relocate at retirement -

  1. Moving to somewhere. "I always wanted to move to the Delaware beaches when I retire."
  2. Escaping from somewhere. "We are leaving New Jersey or New York or (fill in the blank) because these darn taxes keep going up and up and we have to move."

So, when we see another call from area code 732, we know that our first job is to be your tour guide. We want to show you Delaware and see if you like it. You cant just go somewhere you dont know and buy a home in the first community you stumble upon.

Coastal Delaware is small by comparison to the Jersey Shore

If you grew up going to the miles and miles of beach at the Jersey Shore or the many beaches on Long Island, you may not realize how small Delaware is. The land area East of Route 1 is a thin slice along most of the coast. The largest area is in Lewes and Rehoboth, but even that is not much. The town limits of Lewes include 4.718 miles with a little over 3,000 full-time residents; the town of Rehoboth Beach only covers 1.641 miles with approximately 1300 full-time residents. During the summer vacation season, those numbers swell as summer residents open their beach homes and tourists fill the local rental properties, hotels, and inns.

But then there is the Lewes zip code, 19958. The land area it covers is 49.1 sq. miles with an estimated population of just under 23,000. The Rehoboth zip code, 19971, only covers 16.5 sq. mi with a population of only 12, 254. You will often meet people who tell you Oh, I live in Lewes, when they live 10 miles inland! The address only tells you which Post Office will deliver the mail.

What's your dream lifestyle?

But, I digress. On your first visit or even before that, we will talk with you about the type of lifestyle youre looking for. Well ask how you want to spend your time now that you have a choice. What does active mean to you? Is it playing golf or tennis? Is it working out in a great fitness center? Swimming in an indoor pool year round? Becoming active in a specific charity or organization? Taking classes? Getting a job? Living as close to the beach as you can afford?

As we get to know you, we will show you some neighborhoods and homes in areas that seem like a good fit. Were going to focus more on the area and the communities than we will on showing you homes at this point. If you like what you saw on that first visit, well know where to focus on subsequent visits.

Even though area code 302 covers the entire state of Delaware vs. the 6 area codes needed to communicate in NJ, there are major differences in the housing options available in Northern, Central and Southern Delaware. Even in Southern Delaware, once you move inland from the coast, the choices expand to include -

  • Age Targeted or Age Restricted Active Adult Communities
  • Resort Style Communities
  • Neighborhoods with larger lots and no amenities
  • Homes on County roads
  • Townhome and Condo communities

We have something for everyone and we hope we have something you fall in love with here in Delaware. Let's schedule that first visit, or as we like to say, "Put down the mouse and come let us show you what we have". Call 302-424-1890 or email today.