New Jersey

Don't Blame Delaware

Some people thinking of moving when they retire almost resent it and that is no way to move at this age. If you have spent your entire life say in New Jersey or Maryland and the only reason youre thinking of moving is because of taxes, think again. Does it surprise you that I would say that a REALTOR from Delaware saying maybe you shouldnt [...]

Places I have called home

Last year I read an article by Gayle Guynup, Editor of Style Magazine, entitled Places I have called home and put it in my file for future blog posts. Sometimes I feel like I have lived everywhere. Lately our Buyer Clients are coming from so many different states, Im having a lot of fun talking about all the places we have in [...]

Where do Delawareans retire?

Today we had buyer clients here from North Carolina. Originally from Northern New Jersey, just like I am, they had retired and moved to Coastal North Carolina several years ago. Its a beautiful area with lovely beaches, but here they were wanting to look at homes in Delaware. Why you might ask? They want to be closer to their family now and [...]

Delaware - more than lower taxes!

Is it true what you read about the low taxes in Delaware? Yes, it is absolutely correct. If you now live in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, DC and almost anywhere else, your property taxes will be much lower here. Even in Coastal Delaware resort towns like Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and Bethany, taxes on a $400,000 new home will [...]

Delaware: it's not New Jersey!

What I'm trying to say is - get to know Delaware and then you can decide what kind of community is right for you. I finally understand why so many people from New Jersey are sure they want to live in a 55+ community. They don't want to be outnumbered by families with lots of young children and they think the only way to accomplish that is to [...]

Moving From New Jersey to Delaware

This past weekend, I went to my 45th high school reunion in Wayne, New Jersey. It was great to see old friends and take the tour of our old haunts, but WOW, how things have changed. The traffic was the most obvious and also the most talked about among my classmates who still live in the area. Traffic affects every aspect of life, especially [...]

Coastal Living picks Lewes, Delaware as Dream Town

Imagine my delight when I opened the September 2010 issue of Coastal Living magazine and found my town - Lewes, Delaware - named as one of the "best little beach towns"! The article mentions some of my favorite places like King's Ice Cream in the heart of Historic Lewes. It recommends a long walk on the beautiful beach that extends from the [...]