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Where do Delawareans retire?

Today we had buyer clients here from North Carolina. Originally from Northern New Jersey, just like I am, they had retired and moved to Coastal North Carolina several years ago. Its a beautiful area with lovely beaches, but here they were wanting to look at homes in Delaware. Why you might ask? They want to be closer to their family now and the grandchildren are living in New Jersey! As much as Coastal Delaware has its resorts and beach towns, it is also just two hours from about anywhere you want to go in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Where we live in North Carolina, we always see a lots of cars with New Jersey license plates and a lot from New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland all the time in North Carolina. But, you know, we never see anyone with a Delaware license plate!

Do Delawareans stay in Delaware?

Like many Baby Boomers, people I meet here in Delaware would love to spend a few weeks or maybe a few months traveling or perhaps living part time in Florida. We had dinner last night with another couple who had just spent one month in the Keys. We spent two weeks there in February ourselves and we both agreed that was long enough.

The big advantage of Coastal Delaware is Location, Location, Location. That plus Taxes, Taxes or should I just say Low Taxes, makes this the new Boomer Melting Pot.

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