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Delaware: it's not New Jersey!

What I'm trying to say is - get to know Delaware and then you can decide what kind of community is right for you. I finally understand why so many people from New Jersey are sure they want to live in a 55+ community. They don't want to be outnumbered by families with lots of young children and they think the only way to accomplish that is to live in an age-restricted community. What they don't know yet is that here in Coastal Delaware at least, those of us 55+ are becoming the majority. This is a resort area and now it is also a desirable place to retire. It is not a place where an aspiring corporate executive moves the family to begin a career climbing the ladder. When they become successful enough, it certainly is a place they may purchase a second home at the beach, but that still isn't the majority of our new home buyers.

Do we have some excellent Active Adult Communities? Absolutely! But we also have a great choice of homes and communities to suit many diverse bucket lists. Are you an avid boat person? Do you want to live in walking distance to town or the beach? Do you want the HOA to take care of cutting your grass and mulching the flower beds? Is an indoor pool a must? Do you use a gym daily now?

If you open up your choices to include the things that really matter to you, Coastal Delaware has so much to offer. Maybe an outdoor pool and a fitness center is just enough amenities for you. A lot with enough room for a garden or a fenced yard for the dog? Do you like mature trees and landscaping or does being the first resident in a new home community feel just right? It's about what you want that matters and if you know what that is, we can help you find it here.