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Don't Blame Delaware

Some people thinking of moving when they retire almost resent it and that is no way to move at this age. If you have spent your entire life say in New Jersey or Maryland and the only reason youre thinking of moving is because of taxes, think again. Does it surprise you that I would say that a REALTOR from Delaware saying maybe you shouldnt move? If you only want to dip your toe into Delaware just far enough to pay less taxes, maybe it would be better to downsize where you are when you retire.

Love it or Leave it

I am originally from New Jersey myself so I know that there is lots to love and for those of you whose families and friends still live in the area its tough to leave. I have also lived in Maryland, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Texas and more, but thats a different story. Its a bummer that escalating taxes are making it almost impossible to retire comfortably without relocating but look on the positive side Delaware is a really nice place to live!

Welcome to Delaware

Here we are in the sweet spot of the Mid Atlantic Region. You can get anywhere in just a few hours, from DC or Baltimore to Philadelphia, all of New Jersey and even New York. You can go west to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and south to Virginia. And when you stay right here, you have the resorts towns of Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island. The beaches are beautiful and the restaurants? Coastal Delaware is becoming well known as The Culinary Coast and as many people are coming to dine year round without going to the beach at all!

Life is good here in Delaware. Just spend some time on this blog and youll learn why. Please comment, ask a question and just enjoy!

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