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We Moved to Delaware, Here's Why - with Active Adults REALTOR Elliot Welan

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Learn why so many active adults are choosing to move to Delaware with Active Adults REALTOR, Elliot Welan and Active Adults Realty Broker, Kathy Sperl-Bell as they explore why they were both drawn to [...]

Delaware: An Attractive Relocation Destination For Retirement

State-to-state migration patterns make Delaware an attractive relocation destination for both retirees and families.

Our Active Adults Realty team has helped numerous homeowners relocate to Delaware. When I read the recent Housecall blog post discussing the trends to move out of state I could agree this reflects what weve experienced [...]

Delaware Ranks #10 for Net Migration of those 60+

Retirement Relocation: Where are Boomers heading for retirement?

Do you subscribe to Where to Retire Magazine? I find their articles, backed by thorough research, to be some of the best out there. AARP also publishes some great data, but I find that Where to Retire has a good grasp on what younger retirees are looking for and thinking [...]

Make Downsizing Less Stressful With a Move Manager

Is your dream house becoming a nightmare? Downsizing may be in your future.

Perhaps your dream house is feeling like more work than pleasure? Maybe you are wondering if less is, truly, more? Smaller spaces take less time to maintain and cost less money to run. Sounds great, you say, but when am I going to find the time or energy to start [...]

We help Active Adults in all Delaware Communities

I just got a referral from a friend of mine up in New Jersey, a client of hers that wanted to relocate to Delaware, and then I saw this - "I know you specialize in active adults and I'm not sure if he's looking specifically for that. Let me know and I'll pass along his info to you."

So I had to immediately respond -

We specialize in active adults, the people, but they buy in all different kinds of communities! So we can help him regardless of which community he finds [...]

Our Featured Boomers for March 2014

Our Featured Boomers: Meet "The Krezels"

Locals Now! recently interviewed Sophie and Ted Krezel who moved to Holland Mills in Milton in March 2013 for this month's Featured Boomer column.

The Krezels relocated from Wayne, New Jersey via Loveland, Colorado where they lived for five years. Sophie was a former Speech Therapist while Ted owned [...]