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We help Active Adults in all Delaware Communities

I just got a referral from a friend of mine up in New Jersey, a client of hers that wanted to relocate to Delaware, and then I saw this - "I know you specialize in active adults and I'm not sure if he's looking specifically for that. Let me know and I'll pass along his info to you."

So I had to immediately respond -

We specialize in active adults, the people, but they buy in all different kinds of communities! So we can help him regardless of which community he finds appealing!

More Than Just Active Adults

Ive talked about this before, but lets go over it again. As a Realtor, what I most enjoy about the people we work with every day is that no two want exactly the same thing. There is a perception out there that everyone who retires to Delaware wants to live in a huge 55+ active adult community. Some do, but many have other ideas.

Some of you want a condo in walking distance of the beach; and some of you want a community with a big clubhouse, an indoor pool and a fitness center; and some of you just want a nice little house in a friendly neighborhood close to shopping. In most cases, what our clients do want is less maintenance and someone to cut the grass so they can enjoy life here in Delaware. You do not have to be in an age restricted 55+ community to find those services.

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Retiring to Delaware is for everyone: Active Adults and Non-Active ones

One day a gentleman walked into the office and asked, Can you also help Inactive Adults? We all laughed and told him to come on in and have a seat. Active Adults come in all sizes with different interests and we can help all of you.

If you are an Active Adult interested in exploring Delaware, please contact or give us a call at 302-424-1890.