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Make Downsizing Less Stressful With a Move Manager

Is your dream house becoming a nightmare? Downsizing may be in your future.

Perhaps your dream house is feeling like more work than pleasure? Maybe you are wondering if less is, truly, more? Smaller spaces take less time to maintain and cost less money to run. Sounds great, you say, but when am I going to find the time or energy to start the process of sorting and eliminating objects, packing up boxes, or hiring a mover?

That is where a senior move manager can be very helpful. Together you will identify what you need, what you want and what is no longer necessary or useful. Then your move manager can sort through your belongings, ship items to family members, arrange for charitable donations or help sell your items through an auction or estate-type sale. He or she can pack your belongings and arrange for the movers. Some move managers will even unpack your boxes in the new home so your bed is made and the coffee maker is ready for morning! With professional guidance, downsizing your stuff is less stressful and the reward is a home that better fits your active lifestyle.

Meet Janet Sydnor, owner of Smooth Transitions Delaware, a move manager who assists her clients with downsizing, decluttering and more. You can find her at or on Facebook here.

De-Clutter even if you are not moving!

When our clients first come to Delaware to search for their retirement home, we encourage them to do their downsizing before they relocate. We try to tell them that its unlikely they will fill those 3 guest bedrooms more than once a year. We ask if they really need the loft with the extra bedroom and bath AND the basement that will be filled with stuff (remember my favorite George Carlin routine on STUFF?) that they really do not need.

But if you did bring it all with you and you are ready to de-clutter, Janet Sydnors business is a great one to call for HELP!

If you are ready to downsize and make your move to Delaware, the Active Adults Realty teamcan also help take the stress outof it. Call or email us today orRequest one of our FREE Relocation Guides HERE for a comprehensive resource to help you learn more about the Delaware region and find a place you can call home.

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