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Enjoy the Best of Summer on Delaware's Famed Coast

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Its the height of summer, a favorite time to visit Delawares beautiful coast, or to entertain your extended family if youre lucky enough to live close by. It gets even better when you think about so many different things to do. Here are some [...]

Stay Safe in the Surf Zone and on the Bay

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If youve been reading our blog for a while you know I tend to write about all of the reasons to celebrate Delaware. This week isnt exactly an exception since Im spotlighting our amazing beaches, but with some simple advice on how to stay safe at both the bay and the [...]

What Record-Low Housing Inventory Means for You

What Record-Low Housing Inventory Means for You | MyKCM

2021 should be another good year for the real estate market. However, record-low housing inventory is a challenge in the current real estate climate.

The real estate market is expected to do very well in 2021. Mortgage rates are hovering at historic lows and are forecasted by experts to remain favorable throughout the year. One challenge facing the housing industry is a record-low inventory of homes available for sale [...]

How Remote Work Can Power Your Vacation Home Sale

How Remote Work Can Power Your Vacation Home Sale | MyKCM

This year, the opportunity to work remotely has increased the demand for vacation homes. Gay Cororaton, Senior Economist and Director of Housing and Commercial Research at the National Association of Realtors (NAR), notes:

Working from home is a positive factor in demand for vacation homes.

Buyers are taking advantage of the fact [...]

Camping Across Delaware State Parks on the Increase

Following the $11 million state-invested modernized improvements and renovations to Delaware State Parks, RV and tent campers are turning out in higher numbers year-round.

So where do visiting guests stay when they travel by RV or are seeking alternate lodging options? At one of Delawares picturesque state parks. For those loving the [...]

Can You Show Me Homes in Delaware on Higher Ground?

Delaware may not have mountains, but we have something for everyone.

Can you show me homes in Delaware on higher ground?

This one always makes me laugh. Delaware is flat, if you havent noticed. My aging knees are very happy I can ride my bike for hours and hours on nice flat paths and roads. But if you are looking for mountains, you wont [...]

Looking for a Retirement Resort Lifestyle without flood issues?

Welcome to Delaware. We have just what you need.

What do I mean? I grew up in Northern New Jersey, way up North in Morris County. When we made a trip to the Jersey Shore, it was a trip and we didnt just go for the day. One of my memories is asking Are we there yet? and finding out that we still had an hour or two to [...]

STOP! Try Delaware first, before you retire to the Carolinas

Who is moving to Delaware? Thats simple - retirees.

We see two groups of retirees from the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern States

  • Those that move to Delaware when they first retire, and
  • Those that move to the Carolinas or Florida, spend a few years, and THEN call us to inquire about Delaware.

Try Delaware First!

If you are now living in [...]

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