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STOP! Try Delaware first, before you retire to the Carolinas

Who is moving to Delaware? Thats simple - retirees.

We see two groups of retirees from the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern States

  • Those that move to Delaware when they first retire, and
  • Those that move to the Carolinas or Florida, spend a few years, and THEN call us to inquire about Delaware.

Try Delaware First!

If you are now living in Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, or anywhere else in the Northeast, please do yourself a favor and at least look at Delaware first.

Are the Carolinas a lovely place to live? Is it warmer in Florida in January and February? YES. The problem is the long drive to see your grandchildren and that is what eventually brings people back. Not all the way back but Delaware is close enough for a reasonable drive to visit family and grand babies.

Why retire to Delaware?

Delaware has low property taxes, the Delaware Beaches, no sales tax, but most of all, Delaware is only a 4 hour drive to 80% of the US population! And that is the real reason why you should stop and think before you move too far south. When you have grandchildren, you will want to be a part of their lives and the older we get, the longer drive will not be fun.

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