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Looking for a Retirement Resort Lifestyle without flood issues?

Welcome to Delaware. We have just what you need.

What do I mean? I grew up in Northern New Jersey, way up North in Morris County. When we made a trip to the Jersey Shore, it was a trip and we didnt just go for the day. One of my memories is asking Are we there yet? and finding out that we still had an hour or two to go.

Worried about flooding? Don't be. Delaware may be a small state but it is full of Resort Lifestyle and 55+ Neighborhoods that are close to the beaches but not in flood-prone zones.

Driving Delaware from top to bottom should you take about 1 1/2 hours in the off-season; during peak season on a weekend, it could take another hour or more depending on your scheduled departure and arrival times.

But heres the real story -

If you live anywhere in Delaware, you can usually get to the beach in less than 1 1/2 hours even from the furthermost northern or western parts of the state. That can be a real plus when you are looking for a primary residence that's close to beaches and still in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region.

When you live here and you are retired, do you actually go to the beach on a weekend?

No, you do what locals do and you go to the beach on a weekday! You also realize that the best time at the beach is Spring and Fall when the weather is still nice and the traffic is much less.

You can find a community that offers the amenities important to you, in a price range that is comfortable, with taxes much lower than any of the surrounding states. So call us at 302-424-1890 if you are ready to get started today!

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