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Delaware is the new Florida

Thats the word from several people that have called recently from the state of Connecticut. The woman that I spoke with yesterday said we were all set to retire to Florida, but then I realized how far away that would take me from my family and friends.

Lucky for her, she thought about that and realized that before she made the move. You have no idea how many people I hear from after they have spent a year or two in Florida. The children and grandchildren have maybe visited once and that is just not enough family time. Plus, they discovered just how hot the summers can be in Florida. Then they have the challenge of trying to sell that home in Florida in a tough real estate market so that they can move to Delaware and buy an home here.

Relocating at this time of life is a BIG DECISION.

Why is Delaware the new Florida? Let me count the ways, or at least the most important ones:

  1. Location, location, location within a few hours of DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, much of New Jersey and New York City.
  2. The Delaware Beaches, from Lewes and Rehoboth Beach to Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island
  3. The Parks Cape Henlopen State Park, the Delaware Seashore State Park, Prime Hook National Wildlife Preserve and more
  4. Historic towns, new home communities, and a wide choice of home styles and amenities
  5. Four seasons BUT more moderate temperatures in both the summer and the winter

For all of my Delaware readers, I hope you will kick in your favorite reasons you chose Delaware over Florida as your place to retire..