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Ask The Broker: REALTORS and New Construction

Kathy Sperl-Bell and Bill Bell

We want to buy new construction. Do we need a REALTOR?

Absolutely YES. The REALTOR you need is a good Buyer Agent that knows the area, knows the builders and can help you evaluate which one will be right for you. Local knowledge is so important and a REALTOR is required by law and our Code of Ethics to disclose any material facts that may impact your purchase [...]

Think Ahead, Real Estate is not a Game

What I mean is, you cant trade houses like you trade base ball cards.

If you buy a new home and change your mind in a year or even two or three, it could be a very costly experience.

Think ahead about Selling when you are Buying

I cannot say this enough. When you are buying a new home, especially new construction, think carefully about what [...]

Buy home with FHA Reverse Mortgage

You can buy a new home using an FHA Reverse Mortgage and there are so many potential advantages for those over the age of 62, especially for the self-employed. Let me explain -

Normally when you apply for a mortgage, your credit score and your income determine the amount of money you can borrow to purchase a home. Then, of course, the home [...]

Will your new home in Delaware age as well as you will?

Every home purchase today usually involves a Home Inspection. Before going to settlement, its a good idea to make sure that the home is in good operating condition and that it will stay that way for a reasonable period of [...]

Thinking new construction? Don't be dazzled by decorating...

Whats better than a new car, new clothes or new shoes? A shiny, brand spanking new house! Not just any new house, but a new house in a brand new community with all kinds of awesome amenities and special features! But beware: Its easy to be so dazzled by the decorating that the important questions never get [...]

Are Boomers prepared for the next move?

As you plan for retirement or semi-retirement, whats your next move? Will it be within the same town or will you move to another state or country? Will your home be in town or in a community? Will you live in a house or in a condo? There are so many [...]

Buy Now, Sell Later with a Reverse Mortgage

How can you buy a home and have no mortgage payment even though you still have a home to sell? If this is you

You are 62 or above You have significant equity in your primary residence You dont feel comfortable buying a new home until your current home is sold You know where you would like to buy and realize this is a good time to buy You [...]