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Active Adults Agents Close to Home: Steve and Gail Carpenter at Paynter's Mill

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Today were taking a look at Paynters Mill, located near the intersection of Cave Neck Road and Route 1, where Steve and Gail Carpenter live in a beautiful home within walking distance to a modern version of a small downtown shopping center and within a short drive of Miltons lovely and historic town [...]

Active Adults Agents Close to Home: Liz Kotyuk at Tidewater Landing

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Last week we featured Audrey Hammond in our Active Adults Agents Close to Home series. She told us what she loves about living in Milford, with its beautiful downtown and rural setting thats an easy drive to the bay and ocean beaches.

This week we talked with Liz Kotyuk, who described the finer points of living at [...]

Active Adults Agents Close to Home: Spotlight on Audrey Hammond in Milford

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If youre thinking about buying a house in a certain neighborhood, wouldnt it be great to talk with a neighbor first?

Thats the spirit of our new series: Active Adults Agents Close to Home.

Over the next few weeks well profile several who will tell us what they love most about the homes and [...]