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Testimonials and Reviews Matter

How do you find a professional real estate agent, the right agent for you?

Real estate is a life-long profession for some and a second or third career for many of us.

When the market is hot, new firms pop up everywhere, and new agent classes are booked solid. Some are new local firms, while others are behemoths determined to take over the industry.

If you are buying or selling a home in the same town where youve lived your whole life, you may already have a relationship with an agent. But, if you are relocating to a new city or a state miles away, how can you make a good choice?

There are better options than a general internet search.

Searching the internet for the right agent is just as tricky as finding the right home or neighborhood when you dont know the area. Its an excellent place to start, but here are other resources online.

Go to our blog and search the phrase choose agent. We have published articles and videos on this topic for over ten years. Then go to Testimonials and Reviews and read what others have said. Active Adults Realty works almost exclusively with people just like you, and many of the agents we hire have been through the process themselves. The experience of others may be the best way to find the right agent for you.

What does it cost to use a Buyer Agent?

We often get that question and the answer these days is it depends. Historically, compensation to the listing agent and the buyer agent comes from the sellers side of the transaction at settlement. But today, its wise to ask. Some brokerages and agents are adding hidden fees, not Active Adults Realty. At your first in-person meeting, our agents will make sure you understand the process before you go to contract, not at the settlement table.

We're here to help.

Once youve done your research about us, please contact us, and lets put a plan together.