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About Us

At Active Adults Realty we focus on the people, not the places. We do make it our business to learn all about the different communities so that we can help our clients make good choices.

“Working with Active Adults Realty is not about houses – it’s about people. Our Clients want to make decisions about how and where they want to live for the rest of their lives. Our Staff is made up of our Clients. We are all active adults who relocated to this area. We’ve been the new kids on the block; we started over; we made new friends and now we are here to help you. This area has something for everyone. Knowing what we know, we will strive to ensure that your decision to move here is a pleasurable one. A member of our Team will identify your needs and work to fulfill them. He/she will also help you decide the best neighborhood or development for you while aiding you in the real estate process..”

- Christine Davis-Associate Broker/Owner, Active Adults Realty

Working with an Active Adult Real Estate Specialist

We help our clients research future retirement housing options, buy a second home that may become a full time residence in the future or sell the large family home and look for more appropriate housing that will provide years of comfortable living. Our younger clients include Boomers that are helping parents find more accessible housing so that they can continue to live independently.

When you are ready to think about buying a second/vacation home or a retirement home nearby or in a new town, it’s important to work with people that you trust and feel comfortable with, whatever your age or motivation. That includes not only a Realtor® to represent you, but also a financial advisor, mortgage consultant, an attorney, and other trusted advisors.

Christine Davis, Associate Broker-Owner, Active Adults Realty, is a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). A senior client by our definition is anyone planning ahead for their retirement. We sometimes call our clients "Boomers and Beyond"!.

Some key points to remember –

Only a Realtor® can become an SRES and many with that specialization are also certified as an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR).

Working through a Realtor®, even one with an ABR and SRES certification generally costs you nothing. Whether you buy an existing home, a new home or a home in an Active Adult Community, any broker commission is paid at settlement out of the Sellers’ proceeds. Exceptions may include a home listed For Sale by Owner.

You will not pay less for a home in an Active Adult Community or any other new home community if you go to them directly without representation by your own Buyer’s Agent, no matter what you may have heard.

A Buyer’s Agent is responsible to his/her client - you. It is your agent’s goal to help you find the right house at the right price for you and negotiate on your behalf.

A sales person at any new home community is an employee of the builder and has one objective - to sell you one of their homes in that particular community. They will not tell you about another community in the area or one that is coming soon that may suit you better.

You Won't Go Unprotected?

There is no one solution that fits everyone. Active Adult Communities are not the right answer for everyone in the target age group of 55+. It is a great option for many, and there are different communities to consider.

At the Delaware Beaches and surrounding areas, always a popular vacation home and retirement home choice for people from the Mid Atlantic Region, there are both Active Adult and Non-Age Restricted communities. There are also great housing options in the resort towns of Rehoboth Beach or Lewes and wonderful towns a little further inland like Milton, Milford, Georgetown and others. Developing a client relationship with a qualified Seniors Real Estate Specialist is the best way to get all the information you need to make a good real estate decision for your future


Photo of Bill Davis

Bill Davis Broker / Owner

Photo of Christine Davis

Christine Davis Associate Broker / Owner

Photo of Linda Chick

Linda Chick REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Alfred Willis


Photo of Elliot Welan

Elliot Welan REALTOR®, SRES

Elliot keeps active with his career in real estate. “I have made it my business to know the new home builders in the area and I am familiar with their models and quality of homes they build. While real estate is keeping me busy, we still find time to enjoy exploring the local area as well as traveling to other places overseas. I enjoy physical fitness activities, sports, movies, restaurants, poker and, “trips to see the grandkids!”

Photo of Donna Beck and John Beck

Donna Beck and John Beck REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Michael Malone

Michael Malone REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Kathy Sperl-Bell

Kathy Sperl-Bell Founder, Associate Broker, REALTOR®, ABR, SRES

Photo of Bill Bell

Bill Bell Associate Broker, REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Marie LaDuca


Marie started her career in real estate in 2013. The move to Active Adults Realty was a no-brainer. “I find the specialized service offered by the Team at Active Adults Realty, a very unique experience for Boomer Buyers. Active Adults Realty agents treat their clients the way I would want to be treated if I was relocating and buying a new Delaware home! As an Active Adults Realty agent, my goal is to provide the most successful relocating experience for my clients, Boomers and beyond.”

Photo of Ingrid Kollist

Ingrid Kollist REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Ron Mercante

Ron Mercante REALTOR®, SRES

Ron successfully completed real estate pre-licensing classes and received his real estate license in September of 2017 and immediately joined the team at Active Adults Realty.

Photo of Francine Balinskas

Francine Balinskas REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Amy Kellenberger

Amy Kellenberger Listing Specialist , REALTOR®, SRES, PSA, CMRS

Photo of Judy Robinson

Judy Robinson Operations Manager

Photo of Audrey Hammond

Audrey Hammond REALTOR®, SRES

Photo of Missy Robinson

Missy Robinson REALTOR® SRES, ABR, RCC, CNHS, ASP Stager

Photo of Rich Carlucci

Rich Carlucci REALTOR®

Photo of Leslie (Lea) Troup

Leslie (Lea) Troup REALTOR, ABR, SRS