Where To Retire

Do People Relocate When They Retire?

When People relocate at retirement, it can have an economic impact on states they migrate into and out of.

Where are retirees moving? Many people are making Delaware their choice! Relocating at retirement is a common choice that people make as many people decide to not just retire and stay put. And when they relocate, they take their [...]

TripAdvisor's Top 10 Delaware Attractions

Our friends the Delaware Tourism Office posted TripAdvisor's Top 10 Delaware Attractions on their website visitDelaware.com commenting, "There are so many things to do in Delaware. Picking just one can leave you in a whirlwind of awesome options. Thats where TripAdvisor comes in. The best way to know how fun an activity or attraction will [...]

Coastal Delaware - A Best Place to Retire

Americas 100 Best Places to Retire, Fifth Edition, rates Coastal Delaware as one of the top retirement areas. With beaches, boardwalks and low taxes, Sussex County small towns provide easy lifestyle near big cities, begins Candyce H. Stapen.

Some of you may remember that Candyce wrote an article on Southern Delaware for the September issue [...]

Generation B is the term I choose for Baby Boomers

Where to Retire Magazine got it right in the latest issue. The article on New Models for Retirement Living: Sharing a Home With Friends or Family called us Generation B! I rather like that and from now on I will identify as Gen B. It rolls off the tongue better than Baby Boomers every did. The title connotes Active and Youthful, anything but [...]

New Home Construction in full Swing in Delaware

Coastal Delaware new home construction is in full swing and my buyer clients are amazed. When they arrive for that first look at Delaware, they expect to find a roaring buyers market. The message is just getting out about Delaware and articles like the recent one in [...]

Housing Statistics Coastal Delaware 2012

This past month I got a call from Where to Retire Magazine. They are doing a Feature Article on the Lewes/Rehoboth area for the September/October issue and they asked lots of questions - the same questions you might ask. They talked with recent retirees that are now living in one of our Active Adult communities. Look for the article and tell [...]