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Generation B is the term I choose for Baby Boomers

Where to Retire Magazine got it right in the latest issue. The article on New Models for Retirement Living: Sharing a Home With Friends or Family called us Generation B! I rather like that and from now on I will identify as Gen B. It rolls off the tongue better than Baby Boomers every did. The title connotes Active and Youthful, anything but an Aging Boomer ready to retire.

What I see is Gen B moving on to a new Phase of life and beginning to do what they always wanted to do. Sometimes it is a new career field and other times it might be a volunteer position where they contribute much needed experience and leadership to charitable organizations. I have clients who became artists, musicians, philanthropists and REALTORS!

My photographer is a Gen B past client. One of my newest Agents was also a client who had a successful career of thirty years managing facilities and real estate for Washington based defense contractors. My Gen B husband and business partner had previous careers in Child Mental Health and Food Service. I spent years in the Travel Industry and then the Computer Industry before I became a REALTOR and subsequently opened my own brokerage. Gen B is very much alive and the driving force to small business in Coastal Delaware and throughout the United States.

Back to the article in Where to Retire Magazine - multi-generational housing is something I think we will see much more of over the next few years. The Boomer Sandwich demands flexible housing options to allow growth in co-housing for friends, family and siblings. This article offers great advice and recommends putting everything in writing.

Do you see sharing a home with friends or family in your future?

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