What To Do After Retirement

5 Skills & Hobbies Seniors Can Learn to Do Online Right Now

Active Adults and Seniors can Stay Young at Heart & Healthy with Hobbies.

This is something we hear often and today our guest blogger, Karen Weeks, shares 5 skills and hobbies that you can learn to do with ease.

The more we learn, the better our brains hold up. This isnt anecdotal - its proven science. Seniors that stay active - physically [...]

Active Adults, Type A Personalities, and Retirement Living

I have been described as a Type A+ personality so I laughed out loud when I read this article I had seen online: How to Successfully Retire as a Type A Personality.

While there are many things I enjoy doing, like kayaking, biking, and enjoying life here at the beach in Delaware, the traditional idea of retirement is not appealing to me. The [...]