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Active Adults, Type A Personalities, and Retirement Living

I have been described as a Type A+ personality so I laughed out loud when I read this article I had seen online: How to Successfully Retire as a Type A Personality.

While there are many things I enjoy doing, like kayaking, biking, and enjoying life here at the beach in Delaware, the traditional idea of retirement is not appealing to me. The same is true of many of the Active Adults Realty agents. Some of our agents were actually clients of ours, like Elliot Welan and Al Willis, both had retired from careers in other industries, came to us to buy their retirement home and then decided to get their real estate licenses and join the team. Others, like Linda Chick and Debbie Shearer, had begun new careers in real estate after retirement even before moving here to Delaware. Then, they too joined the team.

Finding sudden freedom from structured schedules can be disconcerting for some people. Retirement plans arent one-size-fits-all. Type A personalities are fun seekers who are often social and can be considered perpetual workers. So, what does a Type A personality do to fill the time, keep things interesting, and enjoy a happy retirement? Many find a new career.

After all, Type As dont stop being Type A once they retire.

Real estate can be a great retirement career with flexible hours, though that doesnt necessarily mean working fewer hours. If youre okay with working most weekends and making time for yourself in between working with clients, this career is for you!

The article I was reading has several suggested ideas and here are a few more :

Become a career consultant. You have a wealth of experience and skills that can translate well to guiding others. Use this knowledge to help others follow your paths of success and sidestep hurdles in their career.

Build a social network with other retirees. Because being social and interactive is something your personality thrives on, its a natural step to bring other like-minded people together for planned gatherings. These times together can be purely social or used to task community projects dear to your interests.

Learn a new skill or hobby youve longed to do. Purposefully focusing your energy into learning or honing a hobby skill you seldom had time for prior to retirement may bloom a newfound fondness for the arts, swimming, a triathlon, or participating in community theater.

Or, this energy may even mean starting a career as a real estate agent.

If you are looking to retire and have questions about real estate in the Delaware region, please contact me! Who knows you might find more than just your retirement home here in Delaware? You might also discover like many you want to keep busy with another career after retiring. That is what Active Adults tend to do!

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  1. Kay sennett on

    Kathy, I love receiving your newsletters. I read the entire thing. When I do retire I am moving to Delaware. It won't be for a couple of years but I want to have it all figured out when I'm ready. I had a real estate license here in Maryland and revisiting that career again would be kinda cool. Have a fabulous prosperous holiday season. Kay sennett.