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5 Skills & Hobbies Seniors Can Learn to Do Online Right Now

Active Adults and Seniors can Stay Young at Heart & Healthy with Hobbies.

This is something we hear often and today our guest blogger, Karen Weeks, shares 5 skills and hobbies that you can learn to do with ease.

The more we learn, the better our brains hold up. This isnt anecdotal - its proven science. Seniors that stay active - physically and mentally - are less likely to develop a cognitive decline condition. Thanksto the internet, there are tons of cool hobbies that seniors can hop right into without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes (unless they want to!). Here are some great ways to expand your horizon through online learning.

Learn how to play an instrument

Despite what you may have heard, you are never too old to learn how to play a musical instrument. Most peoples brains are musically-inclined anyway, they just need some structure to help them learn. There are tons of online courses for wannabe musicians - from piano to drums to guitar to violin. The guitar is a particularly great instrument for seniors, as its not too hard to pick up and is a common instrument to locate. Check here for some of the best online guitar lessons on the web.

Learn a new language

It may sound daunting, but learning a new language just takes time and dedication. Anyone can do it. Thats good news for you, as a retired senior looking to fill your days with activities. You will be able to sink a couple hours a day into language learning. If you want to try a free, easy-to-use app, then go with Duolingo. Once you start to get the hang of it, move on to a site like Busuu, which lets you practice what youve learned on a network of over 40 million native speakers. Check here for more apps and websites to help you on your language-learning journey.

Learn how to knit

Knitting is a fun activity for people of all ages, but for seniors who may be limited by a physical illness or a mobility issue, its a great way to instill a sense of accomplishment without having to expend too much effort. Plus, think about all the awesome hats, blankets, and sweaters youll be able to bestow upon your family. Start with some instructive YouTube videos and then try this tutorial site.

Learn how to garden

The benefits of gardening for seniors is well-documented. Its a low-impact form of physical exercise. It works the mind and fine motor skills. It gets you out of the house and into the fresh air. It helps relieve depression and anxiety. And it provides you with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy eating. The list goes on and on. If youve always wanted to have a lush, beautiful garden in your own backyard, nows the time to learn. There are tons of online gardening courses you can try. Here are some of the best.

Learn how to better use your computer and the internet

A little meta? Sure. A little stereotypical to think that seniors arent always the best with technology? Perhaps. But we could all use a course on how to get the most out of the most amazing technological advancement of the past 50 years. Check out one of these online programs and learn your way around that big, bright screen on your desk. Once you learn the basics of computing and internet surfing, youll be well on your way to finding more and more great things to learn online.

The good news is that most of these online websites, tutorials, videos, and apps are free to use. So theres really no excuse for not checking them out. Your golden years are the perfect time to learn a skill that youve always wanted to learn, but could never find the time nor motivation. Enrich your life. Keep learning.

About the Author: Karen Weeks - After retirement, Karen was bored and struggled to find a new sense of purpose. She decided to learn a new skill and took a computer course. She learned how to build her website, Now, she tries new things all the time. She believes nothing is off limits to seniors.

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