Staging A Home

The 5 Ws to Stage Your Home for the New Decade

Home staging doesnt have to be complicated when you follow the 5 Wswho, what, when, where, and why.

Boomers, are you planning to sell when you retire? Youre not alone and it will take some advance planning. In a recent NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report, we learned Boomers represent 43% of todays sellers. But, who are the buyers for your [...]

Delaware Homes Using Home Staging Sell Quickly

Home staging sells homes faster and for more money.

When Active Adults Realty lists a home for sale in Delaware, we always include home staging as part of our Listing Programat no additional charge. This is not something all REALTORS do but it is so important. We are not talking about a Staging Consultation which provides you with a list of [...]

Why I may not want to list your home for sale

Why not you ask? Im a REALTOR and you want me to list your home. How could I possibly not jump at the chance?

Real Estate is my business

Business is a two way relationship. You should expect me to know the market and be able to counsel you on the process and what you can do to maximize your value.

I had a call recently and the woman said she [...]

Staging our new listing at Village of Cinderberry

A vacant home never shows as well as a home that has been professionally staged. Buying all the furniture and decor to make your home look like a model can be a very expensive proposition. But, when you list your home with Active Adults Realty in Coastal Delaware, we will have your home staged as part of our Listing Marketing [...]

Selling in Sussex: Your resale home's toughest competition is...

If you have a property for sale right now in Coastal Delaware, your stiffest competition is all the new construction, the housing of choice for buyers coming to Sussex County today.

Why is new construction such tough competition? Its not just the designs and long list of upgrades and options. If you have a home for sale with no basement, no [...]