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Real Estate Realities

There are certain truths in every business, things you just know to be true. After 10 years in Real Estate, I have learned that some things never change. These truths are undeniable:

  1. Your first offer is usually your best buyer
  2. On a resale, no one wants the middle unit
  3. No one searches the Internet for a 2 bedroom home
  4. Pricing your home at $299,999 misses all the people searching for homes $300,000 $350,000
  5. Empty homes look smaller
  6. It takes both sides buyer and seller to make a good deal
  7. If it seems to be good to be true, it probably is
  8. All Real Estate is Local What happens in Lewes is different than what happens in Las Vegas
  9. Staging works Typically a staged home sells in 50% less time for 5% more
  10. Homes listed with a REALTOR sell for more money than a For Sale By Owner!

Can I prove all of these? Maybe not, but I can share 10 years worth of stories that illustrate these Realities.