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Staging our new listing at Village of Cinderberry

A vacant home never shows as well as a home that has been professionally staged. Buying all the furniture and decor to make your home look like a model can be a very expensive proposition. But, when you list your home with Active Adults Realty in Coastal Delaware, we will have your home staged as part of our Listing Marketing Program.

Staging your home

What do we include? If your home is furnished and we just need some help to make it look like a model home, we bring in our Staging Professionals at our expense. Before they come to your home, you and I will have decided what else needs to be done. You will have the home de-cluttered, personal items put away and the home will be cleaned. Then my Staging Professionals will come and work with us for a few hours to transform your home and you will be amazed. I have had them stage my own home even when I wasn't moving. They just know how to take what you already have and move it around and put it back together so that it looks fantastic. But what do we do if you have already moved out and the home is empty?

Virtual Staging

With a vacant home, we have our photographer take professional photos of the main living areas. Here are three photos taken at a brand new listing at the Village of Cinderberry. You'll see three photos of empty rooms and then the same exact photos after "Virtual Staging".


Then we send the photos to a company that does "Virtual Staging", virtually placing furniture and decorative items to show the space well. Now, let's look at the same room after staging:


Now tell me which ones will attract more interest from buyers shopping on the Internet?

If you want to list your home for sale in Coastal Delaware, call Active Adults Realty for the complete listing program.

"We don't want to be your first listing agent, we want to be the ones that get your home sold!" Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker