Rental Home In Delaware

Delawares Landlord-Tenant Code Updated in 2019

Landlord-Tenant Code - When Does It Apply?

Landlord - If you own rental property, did you know that you must provide this Summary of the Landlord-Tennant Code to all new tenants upon the signing of a residential lease?

Tenant - If you are signing a lease to rent a residential property, whether it is a single-family home, a [...]

How Will I Know If I Like Living in Delaware?

Thinking of relocating to Delaware, but have questions?

Many people have questions about retiring and moving to a new community, you are not alone. This morning, I got a call asking if it is possible to rent a home in one of Delaware's active adult communities. The caller said, eventually we will want to purchase a retirement home, but how [...]

Rentals are hard to find in Coastal Delaware

Renting Before You Buy

We often get contacted by people who would like to try living in Delaware before they make a decision to buy. Im sure this is the case when people anywhere are thinking of a major relocation, especially when they retire. No matter how compelling the reasons to consider moving to Coastal Delaware, first you need to get [...]