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Delawares Landlord-Tenant Code Updated in 2019

Landlord-Tenant Code - When Does It Apply?

Landlord - If you own rental property, did you know that you must provide this Summary of the Landlord-Tennant Code to all new tenants upon the signing of a residential lease?

Tenant - If you are signing a lease to rent a residential property, whether it is a single-family home, a condominium, or an apartment, you must receive a copy of this Summary before signing the lease.

The Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code was reviewed and updated in 2019, but I have verified with the Delaware Real Estate Commission, the Delaware Association of Realtors, and the Attorney for our State Association, that there were no changes. It is good to know that documents like this are reviewed regularly and I recommend that you do the same. Are you renting your vacation home? Do you have investment properties in Delaware?

Landlord-Tenant Code may not be for all rental situations.

The Code does not cover tenants residing in a medical, educational, fraternal, religious, recreational, or correctional institution, tenants residing in a hotel or motel, tenants subject to nonrenewable leases of 120 days or less in certain locales (for example, seasonal beach house rentals or tenant migrant workers where the employer provides the housing) or certain tenants subject to land leases where the tenant retains title to the improvements. All other rentals are covered by this Landlord-Tenant Code.

Find out if you know when and how the Delaware Landlord-Tenant Code affects you. Read the full Summary here

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