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Home Buyers and Sellers Should be Optimistic Yet Thoughtful about Delaware Real Estate

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As Active Adults Realty agents it isnt our job to convince you to buy a house. More accurately, were here to help you find the house thats best suited to your lifestyle and budget, albeit with the inimitable sense of joy we all feel when you pick up the keys to a home thats truly [...]

What Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Appraisal Gap

What Buyers and Sellers Need To Know About the Appraisal Gap | MyKCM

What is an appraisal gap?

An appraisal gap occurs when an appraisal comes in below the contract price on a house. Today's hot real estate market contributes to a higher rate of appraisal gaps.

Its economy 101 when supply is low and demand is high, prices naturally rise. Thats whats happening in todays housing market. Homeprices are [...]

How Is The Real Estate Market In Delaware? | Ask The Broker

Reflecting on the 2018 Real Estate Market and looking forward to 2019.

How's the real estate market? Hi, this is Kathy Sperl-Bell at Active Adults Realty in Delaware and it's the end of December, the end of 2018. So it's a good time to ask question. How's the real estate market? Well, in Delaware at least, 2018 was another very good year and [...]

Real Estate Market Showing Signs of Improvement New Home Construction is Up

More home builders are committing to projects across the nation, according to a recent Associated Press article.

In May, home builders applied for permits to build single-family homes at the fastest rate in five years.

This is a crucial improvement for the real estate market because it will help increase the available inventory of homes [...]

Be Ready to take action on a well-priced home!

Everyone agrees the real estate market is back. In a strong real estate market in Coastal Delaware with very low inventory, be prepared to take action if we say

Wow, thats a great price for that home!

Dont say Ok, let me think about it and Ill get back to you. You are bound to be disappointed when you call back in a few days and say What [...]

How's the real estate market in Lewes, Delaware?

That's one of the questions on everyone's mind these days and I hear it at the gym, at the Chamber of Commerce meetings and when we go out to dinner or a movie. "How's the market, Kathy?" I yell right back "Great! The real estate market is doing great!" And it really is. This time last year we weren't sure just how 2009 would turn out. Late [...]