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How were sales in 2009?

Everyone always wants to know "How's the market?" Well, here in Coastal Delaware it's doing very well thank you.

2009 was not a stellar year in the real estate industry, but it was a lot better here than in many parts of the country. Ask your friends that retired to Florida or to Arizona how well homes are selling in their communities and you're likely to hear a long sad story. At Heritage Shores, in Bridgeville, Delaware,it appears that at least 11 homes were sold that made it to the settlement table in 2009. The last settlement reported was in November, so it is possible that there were a few more sales that were not yet captured by the tax system and perhaps others that have yet to settle.

Of the 11 reported sales, the selling prices ranged from a low of $222,000 up to a high ofjust under $375,000, quite a range!Qualified buyers were in a strong position throughout the past two years and many of the truly great dealsare now SOLD! Prices have come down, however, and they will not immediately return to the prices at which homes sold in 2005/2006.

Heritage Shores remains very popular with some of our buyer clients and it may be right for you. We'll make sure you see comparable communities, both age restricted and multi-generational, BEFORE you make a purchase decision.

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