New Home In Delaware

Large Lot Communities in Delaware

If living on a acre lot or larger is your dream, check out several Delaware communities that fit this description.

Have you noticed how small some of the home lots have gotten?

Where can you find a new home on a larger lot in a Coastal Delaware community with amenities? 

Dont despair, there are still communities that are [...]

View the Home Site of the Month in the Community of Seskinore

Seskinore is a small enclave of homes located in North Dover, comprised of 18 homes of which 16 are already sold. All homes offer first floor living with the owners bedroom and living area located on the main floor. The open floorplan features a nine-foot ceiling on the main level. A fewpremium lots are surrounded by a wooded backdrop [...]

Ask the Broker: What will that new home cost?

Kathy Sperl-Bell, Broker

New construction homes in communities with lots of amenities have become a popular choice for retiring Baby Boomers in Delaware.

The biggest challenge we face is to help our clients understand the true cost of that new home in different communities.

You should see my spreadsheet with all the columns and rows to help my team of agents help [...]

Compare Buying a Pre-Owned Luxury Car to an existing Luxury Home

New home sales people refer to existing homes for sale as used homes, as in

Why would you buy a used home when you can buy a new home with everything you want?

I always found that reference rather self serving but then I thought about buying a car and realized that I can use the same thought process to favor buying an existing home.

A few [...]

Can You Handle The Truth or Should We Tell You What You Want To Hear?

Deciphering Builder Speak: Can we talk?

Homes starting in the Low $300s!

Luxury townhomes in the high $200s!

Does that mean you can buy a new home in that community between $300,000 and $325,000? Probably not.

Can you handle the truth?

If I tell you that you will end up spending 30% or more above the base model price of that new home, will you believe [...]

What will a new home cost in a 55+ community in Delaware?

How much will a new home cost? What will the taxes be? Will I have public water and sewer? These and other questions are important to ask and evaluate when you are buying a retirement home in another state. Statistics say that most people downsize and stay within an hour of their existing home when they [...]

Low Taxes not enough to move to Delaware