Manage Clutter

Clutter-Free & Shiny-Clean Sells Homes

Cleanliness and decluttering wont make a home sell for more than its worth, but it can make your home inviting to a larger number of potential buyers.

Want your home to sell faster and for top dollar? Of course!

Two things every homeowner selling a home can do to help their selling agent is to remove clutter throughout the home, garage, and yard plus make sure your home is spotless. A clean and decluttered [...]

When Active Adults Downsize Their Home

Many Boomers relocating to Delaware are downsizing from much larger homes to something more manageable

Does downsizing and moving to a smaller home feel daunting? Lets chat about some living alternatives for when you feel your current home is no longer meeting your needs and lifestyle. Boomer Buyers looking to settle in Delaware [...]

Money management tips for retirement in Delaware

How often do you worry about retirement funds, run your figures through those "How much do I need to retire?" calculators and read about the best asset allocation strategies?

The bottom line is that nearly everyone who has angst about thin retirement accounts likely needs to pare back, save more, and manage money better.

Some great tips in these articles in the [...]