Living In Coastal Delaware

Your Homeowners Policy Probably DOESN'T Cover Flooding, So Get Prepared Now

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When You Love the Beach... and All That's Within Reach

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Over the last couple of weeks Ive spotlighted the home and lifestyle options offered up north in New Castle County and around the middle of Delaware in Kent County. One thing that came to mind as I wrote about these two places is the fact that Delaware is a fairly small state. So regardless of where you live, youre rarely more than a [...]

How Will I Know If I Like Living in Delaware?

Thinking of relocating to Delaware, but have questions?

Many people have questions about retiring and moving to a new community, you are not alone. This morning, I got a call asking if it is possible to rent a home in one of Delaware's active adult communities. The caller said, eventually we will want to purchase a retirement home, but how [...]

Looking for a Retirement Resort Lifestyle without flood issues?

Welcome to Delaware. We have just what you need.

What do I mean? I grew up in Northern New Jersey, way up North in Morris County. When we made a trip to the Jersey Shore, it was a trip and we didnt just go for the day. One of my memories is asking Are we there yet? and finding out that we still had an hour or two to [...]

Delaware: it's not New Jersey!

What I'm trying to say is - get to know Delaware and then you can decide what kind of community is right for you. I finally understand why so many people from New Jersey are sure they want to live in a 55+ community. They don't want to be outnumbered by families with lots of young children and they think the only way to accomplish that is to [...]