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Buyers, Guard Your Privacy!

There are so many real estate web sites online but do you know who's really behind that pretty page?

Online Anonymity is priceless. But did you know that you can search for all Homes for Sale in Delaware on our website and never give us your name, your phone number or your email?

Yes, you can easily learn more About [...]

House Hunt during Holidays

Is a new home on your holiday list this year? Conventional wisdom will tell you -

The holidays are a bad time of year to go house hunting!


Why is now the best time to hunt for a new home?

1. Interest Rates are low but they are beginning to creep up again. 2. Home prices are low and there are deals on both new and inventory homes. 3. [...]

Spring has Sprung

Spring is always the best time to list your home for sale in Coastal Delaware. Even in a challenging market, if a home is going to sell, spring is the selling season. They say list your home in November, sell it in April; list it in March, sell it in April. After a hard winter on the heels of an extended period of slow sales, there is a [...]