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House Hunt during Holidays

Is a new home on your holiday list this year? Conventional wisdom will tell you -

The holidays are a bad time of year to go house hunting!


Why is now the best time to hunt for a new home?

1. Interest Rates are low but they are beginning to creep up again. 2. Home prices are low and there are deals on both new and inventory homes. 3. Experts say: If you dont own a home, buy one. It is the best investment bar none today. 4. Builders still have a few inventory homes and the savings are tremendous. 5. We have a file of deals in several active adult communities that are $50,000 or more below comparable homes in the same community. 6. New sections are being released and prime locations are available. 7. Many builders are selling their models and leasing them back at rents that would cover your mortgage. 8. This is your chance to buy at the bottom if there is anything left! 9. Some builders will even agree to extended deliveries, ask us about those deals. 10. Theyre not making any more dirt (or sand) at the beach in Delaware.

Seriously, I have the charts and graphs to prove it If youre going to buy a home in the next year, now is the time to do it.

Ask me to send you the chart which shows that even if prices were to go down by 2.5% and rates were to increase by only a point, you would lose! If youre planning to pay cash and money is no object, no worries. We will always have homes for sale in Coastal Delaware. Just Sayin!