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Be Ready to take action on a well-priced home!

Everyone agrees the real estate market is back. In a strong real estate market in Coastal Delaware with very low inventory, be prepared to take action if we say

Wow, thats a great price for that home!

Dont say Ok, let me think about it and Ill get back to you. You are bound to be disappointed when you call back in a few days and say What [...]

Duplex homes for sale in Delaware

Have you noticed that the terminology is different everywhere you go? They don't build duplexes here in Coastal Delaware, but they do build:

  • Attached Single Family Homes
  • Carriage Homes
  • Villas

And some of them look an awful lot like a duplex! Where can you find the best duplex homes?

Heritage Shores

Both Lennar and Providence of Brookfield [...]